Mirror Nail Polish

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1. 100% Brand new and high quality
2. Gives your nails the look of polished metal and mirror-shine.
3. Featuring a nail oil top-coat and a base-coat.
4. Designed to be durable yet easy to remove.

How to use:
1.File and clean your nails, polish the entire nail surface with the white side of the file.
2. Wipe and remove excess dirt and oil on the nail and nail surface with alcohol cotton.
3. Shake the mirror nail polish before use.
4. In order to ensure the results, it is recommended to use a layer of base coat first, to make the nails surface smooth.
5. Paint the mirror polish 2-3 minutes after the base coat painting.
6. First brush a layer, wait to dry and then brush the second layer. Recommend to brush 2-3 layers.
7. Finally, paint bright top coat in the surface. It can help to maintain for longer, and not easy to scratch.

Item Type: Nail Polish
Color: Silver,Ā Gold, blue-green, Pink, Blue, Puple, Transparent Base coat,Ā Black,Ā Violet, Mirror red, Mirror green, Yellow, Champagne gold, Light blue, Rose gold, Retro silver, Light purple, Bronze

Effect: Mirror

Capacity: 6ml

Note: Mirror polish generally contains steel balls. If placed for some time, there will be stratification phenomenon, because the silver texture is heavy, easy to precipitate. Please make sure to shake before use!!

Package included:
1x 6ml Mirror Polish