2PCS Camping Tent Cable Tensioner Clip

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Bullet Points:

1、Knot-free, lightweight cord tightener: Tighten and secure light loads with knot-free technology, by simply pulling your cord through the cam mechanism of a tightener.
2、Combination carabiner clip + cam mechanism: Use the tough plastic carabiner with stainless steel gate to attach to a fixed end point like a D-Ring or fixed hook.
3、Fits cord sizes: About 2MM - 5MM | 1/16" -3/16in.
4、Wrap and secure light loads: Use the clip with cord to bundle sleeping bags, blankets, brush, or wrap light loads to dollies, bikes, or wheelbarrows.
5、Warning: Not suitable for use where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. Not suitable for climbing.

Through innovative design, the lanyard hook can easily bundle, suspension, fixed and other functions, just the rope taut, gripping means automatically lock, and relatively secure. The lanyard hook with high quality nylon fiberglass material production, coupled with high elastic stainless steel pendant , so that it can be firmly fixed in place can hang buckle. Taut rope buckle bit, gear lock automatically rotate the rope, when you need to unlock, simply turn the gear or directly to the rope to pull the buckle bit. The lanyard configurations used in a variety of needs, outdoor and daily life tied assistant.

Strap (two 2.4m rope)
Quick and easy way to lock the rope, can be both reliable and adjustable length.
Two ways, and the design is more intimate.
High strength nylon fiberglass material is durable and reliable.
Innovative lightweight but robust design.
Suitable for rope 2mm-5mm in diameter.
Weight: about 16g
Dimensions: about 65.5mm x 35.1mm x 15.2mm

2*Cord Tightener (with rope)