Anti Dirty Waterproof Quick Dry T-Shirt

$24.99 $44.99

No matter what’s spilled onto this T-shirt, it’ll never get stained. Wear it with pride, knowing that your T-shirt will ALWAYS be clean!

The Essential Pieces In Your Closet

  • ANTI-STAIN AND WATERPROOF:Not even oil, ink, wine, juice, and soda can stain this T-shirt!

  • MAXIMUM AIR PERMEABILITY:High quality fabric that are extremely breathable, so it’ll always be comfortable

  • Elastic Ice Silk Fabric,Keep cool in summer.
  • EASY TO CLEAN:No pilling, no shrinking, and no deforming. Simply pour water, and it’ll be clean within seconds!

  • Friction-resistant and non-balling


    Non-toxic, no plastic.