Creative Practical Clothes Organizer


1. Closet shelf. Every piece of clothing is neatly laid out, and you can easily get that shirt from the bottom of the dresser drawer.
2. Travel accessories, luggage in the matching clothes together, easy to pull them out of the trunk
3. Office documents, put your documents, as you spread out the same table. Stack them up and put them back in again. It\'s like a series of bookshelves, only occupy the space you put the file.
4. Laundry room - when you are in the laundry room, it is easy to organize your clothes into suitable heaps. You can pile them up and put them in the proper pile without the need to fold again. Stack high, combine piles and make better use of limited laundry and counter space.
5 Place your children\'s clothes, uniforms, and nightwear on a divider so children can easily find a matching set of clothes.
Let you folding clothes easy!
A great tool provides an easy and convenient way to folding clothes.
So versatile, it works in your dresser drawers, closet or shelves. 
Color: transparent
Material: plastic
Size: 34.5*29.5*6.5cm

1.Due to the hand measurement, there have size error about 1-2cm.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not be reflecting the actual the item, please consider this before the purchase.