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1.Place the egg into the EZ Cracker's cradle so the short the long ends of egg fie through.

2.Hold the unit over bowl or directly over the frying pan and squeeze both handles together  

   to crack the egg.Dispose of the egg shell.

3.Align the notches of the attachment with the notches on the bottom half of the main unit.

   Insert the egg Separator into the unit.

4:Hold unit over bowl and squeeze both handles together to crack the egg.

   The Egg Separator will catch the yolk and let the white through.

   Dispose of the egg shell.


Net weight: 146g

Gross weight: 180g

Brush Color: White

Separator Size: 23.5*5.3*11cm

Separator Material: ABS + Nylon

Packing include:1 X Egg Cracker York & White Separator


when cleaning blade,do not touch the shape edges with bare hands.

Wash the unit and egg separator attachment in warm soapy water.

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