Flash Moment Hair Finishing Stick

$14.90 $21.99

There's nothing worse than coming home and seeing all those baby hairs, flyaways and stray ends all over the place. Those small, very fine, crispy hairs can be very difficult to tame and manage into a style that matches the rest of your hair. Our Flash Moment Finishing Stick is designed to have your back all day by keeping in place your hair style so that you can confidently tackle your the day looking amazing. 

The Flash Moment Stick is designed as a convenient solution for taming and styling flyaways, baby hairs, and stray ends. It works with all types of hair styles, even crazy curly hair. 

Unlike other hair products, it doesn’t work like a hairspray, gel or serum. Which leave your hair crispy and oily while only lasting a couple of hours.

Flash Moment actually gives a soft and healthy feel all day since it is made with elements that are similar to skin's natural sebum, thus promoting hair growth and strength. 

The Flash Moment Stick holds your hair perfectly in place using natural plant oils helping you achieve your desired style while strengthening and conditioning your hair.

The ingredients are derived from natural, mild and non-irritating safe. This hair finishing feel stick goes with any hair color or style. 

Designed with a mascara-like size, so you can easily carry it with you anywhere. 

Worried about hair grease? This finishing stick enhances the moisturizing effect while reducing the oil content making your hair more shiny and smooth so that you can go about your day free of spiked up baby hairs.