Fresh Food and Fruit Feeding Baby Pacifier

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Most parents are frightened of TEETHING and didn’t know about the quick fix that exists! Our #1 Rated Food & Fruit Feeding Baby Pacifiers is the best solution for teething because of the possibility to put the frozen fruits inside that relieve the pain for baby!

Fresh Food & Feeding Pacifier on the go

There’s a reason why parents everywhere recommend our #1 Rated Fresh Food & Fruit Feeding Baby Pacifier. Not only they are a safe way to teach little ones to eat fruits, vegetables and cooked meals but also it is designed in colors that stimulate baby’s appetite for consumption of natural nutrients! And that’s not all – Our Feeding Pacifier also has no irremovable components and can be fully dismantled for washing and cleaning purposes, unlike other brands. Our customers love our Fresh Food & Fruit Feeding Pacifier so much, that they even use it for teething by putting berries from a freezer!


Other Key Benefits:

  • Hygienic – the soft silicone teat makes it easier to clean than mesh food feeders
  • Safe to use – it’s BPA free, PVC free, Latex-free, Phthalate-free, Nitrosamine free
  • It saves your time by reducing the cleaning time and it is much less messy than getting baby to hold pieces of food

    Baby Food Feeder Pacifier

Package includes:

  • Feeding pacifier that includes your selected size nipple

How to Use: (3 Easy Steps)

  1. Open the locking function with snap-lock closure that is kids-proof
  2. Put the pieces of fresh food
  3. Open the dust protection cover and it is ready to use for independent feeding!