Remote Control Duplicator

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1.Operating frequency: 433.92MHz 2. Number of channels: 2 3. Code: Fixed code 4.Include: 1 x Remote Control (Battery and Keychain Include),1 x English Manual 5.Distance: Up to 100 meters Note:If the received remote B button does not light up, don't worry, this is normal. You can clone directly.

Step:1:Clear the history code from duplicator 1:Press button A and B continuously until LED flash 3 times 2.Release button B (Keep pressing button A),and press button B Slowly for 3 times,LED flash 3.Release button “A”,finish code clearance. Step 2,Copy code from original transmitter 1. Put duplicator aside of original transmitter,as close as possible. 2. Press and hold button A of original transmitter,then press and hold button A of duplicator until you see the duplicator’s LED flash 3. Release both buttons,finish code copy,copy other button in same way. Button A = Lock button Button B = Unlock button