Sponge Heightening Insoles Shoe Inserts

$15.90 $36.99
  • Feel confident and comfortable with every step by choosing our shoe lift inserts that offer flexible, breathable comfort which invisibly adds to your shoes.


  • Adds Height to Improve Confidence
    Slide insoles into your shoes to provide you with the layered, cushioned support you need to go about every day with more comfort, add height to feel comfortable and confident.
  • Taller in Comfort with Every Step
    Whether you spend all day on your feet, or your arches just need more support, you need shoe inserts that support your in-step, relieve painful pressure, and help you stand a bit taller with more comfort.

  • Invisible Style Change
    Forget about those elevated shoes who look ugly and are hard to match with clothing style. Wear these premium shoe lift inserts with your favorite shoes and boots, continue doing the things you love in your style.
  • Free Cutting to Fit Your Shoes
    No worries, you are in control to fit these height increase insoles. The size of Shoe Inserts can be cut freely to fit your specific shoe size or type.

  • Breathable and Odor-resistant 
    Whether you need to feel and look taller for an important meeting, you’re dancing with your daughter on her wedding day, or you’re staying fit and active outdoors, our shoe lift inserts will keep you moving with comfortable confidence and style.


MATERIAL Slow recovery sponge+Velvet
FEATURES Free Cutting / Flexible
  • 139G
  • 1 × Pair of Heightening Insoles