Winter Face Mask, Snowboard Face Cover


Winter Cycling Mask Features

1. Stretch fleece fabrics, has elasticity and texture soft, comfortable. 2.Designed for the ultimate protection against extreme cold conditions 3. Windproof, dust-proof, keep warm and comfortable 4. Multi-functional can be worn as full face mask or hat, open balaclava, neck gaiter or Saharan style & ninja hoodie. 5. Full coverage feature that will protect your ears, mouth, nose, and neck perfectly. Breathable fabric is used on the top of the mask to keep it dry even when wearing a helmet. 6.Suitable for autumn and winter outdoor hiking, camping, hiking, skiing, cycling and other sports

1.Four-needle six-wire process locking 2.Stretch polyester fabrics 3.Double-line elastic edging 4.Reflective logo

Keep Warm Fabric

Using high quality stretch polyester fabrics, it is warmer, more breathable, and does not hurt the skin, and is more windproof than other products of the same price.

Cycling Scarf Description